What degrees/programs do you offer?

If a student receives Lincoln Christian University application approval to enter the program, he or she can achieve the M.A. in General Ministries from Lincoln Christian University with specialization in a church planting practicum from Northwoods School of Ministry which includes, but is not limited to, concentrated learning in one of these five areas: Lead Pastor & Church Planter; Creative Arts, Worship & Media; Student Ministry; Children’s Ministry; or Operation & Administration. A student is not required to achieve a degree to join a Northwoods church planting team. However, he or she will need to complete commensurate work as accomplishes the M.A. to move forward for ministry credentialing with the Fellowship of Evangelical Churches.

Can I transfer credits from another college or seminary?

This decision is part of the application procedure with Lincoln Christian University.

Is there anything I can do to prepare to become a successful online student?

Lincoln Christian University students use the Canvas portal. An orientation is provided and required prior to participation in the program.

How long will it take me to complete the program degree?

Two years (five semesters: fall, spring, summer, fall, spring) is the shortest program track. We anticipate that most students will take between 2-3 years when working at the program on a full-time basis. We also anticipate that students will have a job or ministry while working their way through the program.

How many hours a day/week should I plan to spend for each course I take?

Northwoods School of Ministry will follow Lincoln Christian University requirements for accredited Seminary degree program. Federal minimum requirements for a 3 credit hour course is 125 clock hours. So, a 3 hour course would usually have 45 clock hours of classroom seat time with lecture and discussion, presentations, etc… then, out of class assignments (reading, writing papers, ministry projects, etc…) would total another 80-100 clock hours per semester. Assuming a student takes two courses/ministry practicums per semester, he or she would need approximately 15-18 hours per week across a 16-week semester to complete the Northwoods School of Ministry required work.

What is a projected course calendar?

Below is a possible three-year plan for a student who begins in the fall of 2019.

Fall 2019 – Personal Leadership; Theology of Leadership for Christian Ministry
Spring 2020 – Ministry Practicum #1 (Organizational Leadership); Cultural Insights
Summer 2020 – Ministry Practicum #2 (Freedom Ministry)
Fall 2020 – Interpreting the Old Testament; People Care/Counseling
Spring 2021 – Interpreting the New Testament; Christianity through the Ages
Fall 2021 – Ministry Experience #3 (Doing What Jesus Did or Deliverance Ministry); Church History
Spring 2022 – Ministry Practicum #4/Capstone (Church Planting Practicum)

Do I have to travel domestically or internationally while in the program?

This is not a requirement; however, one of the core courses, “Cultural Insights” will likely be offered in connection with a Northwoods international missions experience, serving alongside one of our cross-cultural ministry partners who specialize in church planting in places like Brazil, the Dominican Republic, India or Israel. Our Northwoods missions team will assist you in a proven plan for raising up a prayer and monetary support team.