Student Services

Who is my academic advisor?

Program Director, Dr. Craig Smith, or someone that he appoints, will serve as academic advisor for all Northwoods School of Ministry participants. He will assist students in course selection and the writing of learning covenants for ministry practicum purposes. Also, Dr. Barney Wells, Graduate & Seminary Dean at Lincoln Christian University, will assist students in course selection. Bill Lewis, Associate Director of Seminary Enrollment at Lincoln Christian University, will assist students with enrollment and matriculation questions.

How do I know what textbooks are needed for my classes, and how do I get them?

Textbooks are listed on the course syllabus or learning covenant for each class or ministry practicum. Students are encouraged to purchase resources through the Northwoods Connections Bookstore, contact Katie Mannaioni for details.

Does the program include placement services?

Fellowship of Evangelical Churches personnel will guide our church plant teams through a proven process they have developed over the years. They will work with each team to identify location and create a pathway to effective church launch and ministry.