What are the application requirements?

Our program requires an application and successful completion of a Pre-Assessment appointment led by Fellowship of Evangelical Churches personnel, held during the summer prior to beginning the program in the Fall Semester or in October-November to enroll and begin in the Spring Semester. As aforementioned, application for the Master of Arts in General Ministry with Lincoln Christian University is a separate application. A Bachelor’s degree is preferred but not required.

When can I apply?

A prospective student can apply at any time. Fall entry into the program is preferred.

How long will it take to learn if I’ve been admitted?

Once the applications are approved, and the pre-assessment is completed, students will learn of their admission status within two weeks.

I haven’t done any online coursework before. Are you sure this is something I can do?

Computer literacy is helpful but not required. Lincoln Christian University offers a required “Orientation to LCU” course to familiarize students with the online Canvas portal before you take your first course.

I don’t have an undergraduate degree in Bible or Theology. Can I still begin one of your graduate program?

Non-bachelor’s degree students will be admitted at the discretion of Lincoln Christian University on a case by case basis and will likely have additional academic work to complete.

Does the school accept international students?

Yes, Northwoods School of Ministry welcomes international students. Currently, English is the only language used, so please take that into consideration.

Is the program co-ed?

Yes, women and men are encouraged to participate.

Do I have to relocate to Peoria to complete my degree?

Because we believe very strongly in the value of a Northwoods-distinctive experience in preparation to be participant on a church planting team, it would be very difficult to participate in our program without living in or within short driving distance of Peoria. However, we are willing to have conversation with anyone about their current status before making a final decision.

Can I enroll if I am not a resident of Illinois?

Yes, but as stated above, we hope that you see the value in the ministry practice and experience gained by serving alongside our Northwoods ministry staff.

Do I have to go through the enrollment process again if I take a session or term off from classes?

That would not be necessary, as long as a student remains in good academic standing.