Tuition & Financial Aid

What scholarships are available? Do you offer any financial assistance?

Students are responsible to fund their educational pursuits. Read about LCU resources for students. Northwoods Community Church is in the early stages of establishing a scholarship program. Ask Program Director, Dr. Craig Smith for details.

What is the price of tuition?

Learn more about cost structure for Lincoln Christian University students. Northwoods School of Ministry requires a one-time non-refundable service fee of $200 to be paid before the first day of a student’s first class in our program.

Does the school offer room and board?

Students are responsible for their own room and board. If a student has need in this area, please communicate that need in your application and Northwoods Community Church will give your request consideration.

What are the on-campus employment opportunities?

While Northwoods cannot guarantee students a paid position on our Northwoods staff, we often have employment opportunities. View Northwoods open ministry opportunities. Students should anticipate working in or outside of ministry context while participating in the program. Every effort will be made to create schedules conducive to work and ministry.

I have a full time job and a family. Can I still do this program?

Yes, please know we will do whatever we can to accommodate the well-being of families, as Northwoods values marriage and family highly. At the same time, we encourage all students to count the cost of entering this intensive training opportunity. 

What are the additional costs to tuition?

Students are responsible for their books, other resources, transportation, and raising funds to be participant on a mission team if this track is chosen. View fees assessed by Lincoln Christian University.

What is the process for other people to fund/support my studies?

Students are responsible for the educational pursuits. If someone wants to support you in your studies, that prospective donor will need to do so through you or make a direct payment to Lincoln Christian University. This is not a tax-deductible opportunity.